Perhaps the single-most important aspect of what I do, is getting to understand the people, place, and traditions that are unique to each region; and in the larger regions, there’s a lot of variability and individuality amongst the sub-regions (e.g. Toscana, so, SO diverse).

It’s here that I’ll post some short stories and photos that, hopefully, express those things that help to define culture(s) in Italia.

The bottom of the photo (not altered in any way) looks inside a shop window in Cortona, and the top of the image is the reflection off of the shop’s window, revealing the main piazza behind me. I struggled to stay warm this day, as the sun was elusive, but the cold winter’s wind was not. Color, in Toscana, as with many places, helps to define the artisinal nature of a place, but also offers a glimpse into tradition, local perspective, etc.