2011 Tenuta di Biserno Biserno, superb

The Alta Maremma, or Upper Maremma is probably not an area that too many are familiar with; this wine gives them very good reason to become not just familiar, but very good friends.

It so happened that I tasted this wine not too long after tasting some sparkling wines and a few white wines while attending this year’s @OperaWine, in Verona; it was one of the first red wines tasted. I didn’t plan it that way, it’s just how it turned out. At the end of the event, having tasted the lion’s share of the 100+ different wines, I returned to the Biserno stand; I wanted to end my time there on a very high note. As I said, the event was winding down, and before I left, the last wine I wanted to have, not to taste, (I was done spitting at this point)  was the 2011 Tenuta Biserno Biserno.


There were some really great wines that day, but this just stood out, effortlessly; a natural leader if you will. The blend here is Cabernet Franc with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. And when they say the selection of grapes for this wine is careful, just one taste and it’s clear that’s something of an understatement. This is magical.

8 April, 2017  2011 Tenuta di Biserno Biserno (VHR)  Opera Wine 2017 – 100 Great Producers (Verona, Italy): One of my favorite wines of the tasting. In fact, at the end of the event, I went back to their stand and asked for a second taste, my way of ending a great event on a really high note; this time there was no spitting – upon my return, they looked at each other and smiled. This is a distinguished wine, an emotional and elegant wine. All collectors need this in their cellars, and I don’t make that proclamation lightly. Thru 2028, at least. very highly recommended


Some really great information about the vineyard/project can be found here.


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