2015 Casa Emma Chianti Classico – yes, please!

I’m just getting started processing the 3000+ tasting notes during my recent (March-June) trip to Italy’s wine regions; it’s going to take a while. This was a trip that spanned from Aosta to Apulia, and back again. There were multiple (including #VinItaly) wine fairs, etc. I tasted a lot of wines. Most of them were correct, but not too exciting. Only one was bad, or poorly made, which says a lot, I think.

The reason I mention the above is because maybe my blog looks like I’m a fan of every wine I taste. No, sadly, I’m not; I write about the best of the best, as it were. Truth be told, I probably have to taste a hundred wines before I find one that resonates with me, one that ignites the palate and soul alike.

Which brings me to the 2015 Casa Emma Chianti Classico a wine I’ve been drinking for nearly 20 years now. I’ve seen some decent wines from Casa Emma, and I’ve seen some that put me at a loss for words. At the end of the day, I”m a big fan, as I know their (sustainable, responsible) farming practices, and I know their vinification methods and philosophies behind their wines.


(above: nothing goes to waste. After the red wine grapes are pressed, they’re dried at extremely high heat, then used to make an all natural product – in this case, a flour for making bread)

But, knowing something doesn’t guarantee I’m going to like what’s in my glass, that’s a distinction that needs to be made.

2015 emma cc

That said, when I tasted the newly released, 2015 #CasaEmma Chianti Classico, I had to do something of a double-take. The reason, I know the 2014 Chianti Classico quite well, and I thought, or rather I assumed, that that was what was in my glass during a lunch on their wonderful terrace (see below)  – but it wasn’t, it was the 2015, quite another wine than the 2014, as it should be. I”d not had the 2015 Chianti Classico yet. Well, I already had a taste, before I looked to see the label on the bottle, so yeah, I guess I had, I just didn’t know it.

Which brings me to the point of this post, the 2015 @casa_emma Chianti Classico, a wine that brought me great satisfaction; my note follows below.

09 May, 2017: 2015 Casa Emma Chianti Classico (R+)  {winery visit} Bursting with freshness, the aromas and palate are in full effect from the first pour. That said, this medium-bodied, red-fruited effort has classic structure, and a well-composed, deeply flavorful finish. An easy case-worthy purchase, maybe more. As always with Casa Emma, this really shines (even more!) with food. So delicious, an exceptional value. recommend+

PnP, served non-blind.


(above: the terrace at Casa Emma’s Osteria/Restaurant. Again, yes please!


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