Tuscan Masterpiece – 2013 Il Palazzone Brunello di Montalcino

My nearly one month stay in Montalcino zone last year produced some really eye-opening moments. Specifically, the careful, and clever, attention that some winegrowers (and that number appears to be growing, an uplifting thought) are paying to their land and vines is exciting. It’s almost as if there’s a revolution underway – a campaign where the winegrowers are listening to and acting on behalf of their soil and plants like never before; for some, it’s an obsession.

It’s happening all over Italia, but, it seems, especially so in the many magical Tuscan winegrowing areas.

Il Palazzone’s team is world class, their land is world class, and so it’s no surprise that in a vintage as good as 2013 they’ve produced a wine that’s destined for greatness. I’ll be studying more examples from other producers in this coming month as I travel to Montalcino for a two-week visit, and to attend Benvenuto Brunello in Montalcino town, but at this early stage, it’s clear some great, great wines will have been produced; this wine is an example of the greatness that the vintage offered to winegrowers.

I’ve got an in-depth article I’ll be posting regarding my visit to the estate last year, but I wanted to put this up now as some will appreciate the heads up.

For those that have been drinking, collecting, and enjoying the wines of this region for over 20 years – as I have – you’re going to find some future favorites in this cool and elegant year of 2013. If you’re a fan of the 2006 vintage, you’ll like this one as well.


29 January 20182013 Il Palazzone Brunello di Montalcino   “Benvenuto Brunello NYC. The 2013 vintage in Montalcino zone is one in which a few winegrowers will have achieved greatness, producing wines of considerable elegance, structure and purity; Il Palazzone has produced such a wine. From the sample size I’ve had so far, it seems there will be a normal distribution of quality within Montalcino zone – a few producing mediocre wines, the majority producing good>very good wines, and a few that have produced wines of great beauty. Again, the Il Palazzone, so fresh and pure, is in that final category. On the one hand it’s going to be tempting to want to open one now, but on the other, it’s clear this is going to get better with some patience. Long macerations, grandi botti, meticulous and sustainable farming, this is the total package. Il Palazzone is on a roll; buy it early, and in this vintage, buy a few more than you normally would, it’s special. Circa 11K bottles is all, and they’ll go fast. Drink 2021-2041.”  very highly recommended


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