In the (wine) heart of Sicilia, Etna mountain

It’s been many days since my last post (I’ve had virtually no WiFi, even though everyone’s advertised they had it). A great many things have gone bad, but still, the good outweighs the bad.

It’s nearly 17,30hrs now, and soon the sun will set upon this little village of Randazzo, a vibrant place, full of character and genuine quality; it exceeds even the high expectations I had before ever setting foot in the area just 3 days ago. Etna mountain is still quite snow-capped, but with each passing day I can feel just a little more of Spring in the air. The sun’s strength reminds me of my home in Colorado, strong, purposeful.

  • (continued the following morning as my laptop’s battery died after sitting down to write this the first time) *

At this time tomorrow morning, I’ll be aboard a Ryan Air flight from Trapani back to Turin. From Turin Caselle Airport I’ll take a €6 bus to Torino Porta Nuova, then take the train from there to Asti, where I’ll meet a friend in the late afternoon. I mention this because it’s only after I am back in Piemonte for some days that I’ll truly be able to catch up (writing) on all of the events that have transpired during this 10-day visit to Sicily. A good many parts to the story have bordered on the surreal, something I did not expect.

I will miss this place, and I strongly recommend to all those that have yet to visit to do so – you too will come away with the same two things I’ve concluded: why did I wait so long to visit, and when can I return.


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